The Tramp’s Compass


“Swinger” style compasses are a design that dates back to WW2. They were made to be rugged and easily concealable whilst still being accurate enough for purpose.

Our own design of a magnetised “Swinger” compass takes the form of The Tramp’s Compass. Aptly named for its simplicity and durability in harsh conditions.

Measures at 10mm x 5mm x 1mm. The inclusion of a 2mm hole allows the compass to be sewn to clothing.

Off yellow/glow in the dark paint designates North.

Hold the thread in-between the thumb and index finger whilst making a fist, allowing the compass to dangle (whilst shielding it from the wind) or place it in a non-metallic container full of water for a “dampening” effect.

Best mounted on a light sewing thread that allows the compass to swivel (included). A light touch can be used to help the compass settle.


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