Survival Sachet


3x Cotton buds with bamboo cores for tinder. More of a flash tinder so keep your tinder bundle nearby.

1x Green 2″ Cyalume giving 8 hours of light.

1x CK311 13mm Button Compass.

2x Water purification tabs.

1x Micro Cyflect patch. GITD and reflective surface.

1x Mini Firesteel

1x Ceramic razor blade. Doubles as a firesteel striker.

5ft of 100lb strength Kevlar line.

Resealable mylar bag measuring 80mm x 60mm. Can be heat sealed using an iron or hair straighteners to make the bag completely waterproof. Tear open to use the inside as a makeshift signal mirror.

£9.99 (18+ ID will be required. Ceramic Razor Blade)

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