Micro Escape Necklace

From: £6.75

Made with 1 meter of 100lb strength Kevlar friction line capable of sawing through zip ties and seat belts.

Pre-made foot/hand loops that can be both tightened and loosened.

Plastic, emergency release clasp. Pull for easy release.

End knots in caps can be tied and untied for user adjustment.

Choice of a bare necklace or the inclusion of a window breaker bead.

20/08/21: Necklaces with a breaker bead, you must ensure that you hold the bead to one side when using as a friction line with the hands (See last photo). This is because the bead will likely get in the way and Kevlar cannot cut through tungsten. Instructions will be included from now on.

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Additional information

Breaker Bead

Breaker Bead £8.99, No Breaker Bead £6.75

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