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A credit card sized tool that can loid the latches of ill-fitted doors or doors where the handle has been removed.

The first method is to use the hook end to pull the latch. Take the hook and slide it into the gap between the door and the frame, get the hook behind the latch, place some forward pressure on the door to relieve pressure on the latch, pull the hook or rock it up using the wedge side as leverage. Once you have pushed the latch back into the door, you can now open the door.

The second method requires you to slide the wedge end in the gap between frame and door and let the wedge drop as far as it can. Now, pull the hook end back towards you (you can add some cordage to the small hole to help with this) and this will push the latch back into the door, pressure on the door may be required to relieve pressure on the latch.

3mm thick, recyclable PETG (plastic).


Note: This not a magic wand. If a door cannot be loided then do not force it. The tool will bend instead of breaking but bending it too far will weaken the tool!

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