E-Cutter Blades (Set of 2)


Handmade and finished here at JS. Although best mounted on the E-Bungee, you may wish to purchase a couple spares or maybe even find your own mounting solution.

By cutting at a 45-degree angle, this high carbon steel blade can cut through tough nylon seatbelts, cordage, clothing, webbing and can even be re-sharpened.

Measuring at 21mm x 20mm x 0.75mm with a matte black finish and a supplied plastic slip.

Due to the hand-finished nature of this item, there may be some differences in appearance from photos.


(Coin not included)

Restricted (18+)

Tip: As we know all too well, small things require a bit of technique to reach the desired effect. So, if you’re having a bit of trouble cutting a belt or strap, then try pulling whatever you are cutting tight (removing any slack) or stabbing the point into the fabric to slice through and cut whatever excess is left.

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