GITD Slate Cards

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Made for quick note taking in low light conditions whilst under stress or time constraints.

Compatible with normal pencils (no need for chinagraph), white board markers and other non-permanent felt markers. Your writing will contrast clearly against the green glow of the slate.

No messing around with red light, no flicking through pages of a notepad. Simply take the slate out with your other materials during the day to charge and you’ll have a glow that lasts the night.

Can be used as a regular board during daytime. Pencil can be cleaned with an eraser, markers with soapy water or whiteboard spray but a bit of spit and sleeve will be enough to keep you going in the field.

Made to order – Lead time of 1-2 days.

A6 size – £8.00

A8 size – £6.00

Both sizes – £13.00

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