Barriall Laces

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Made using 1.5 meters of black Kevlar Aramid line per lace (total of 3m/9 feet).

Tough, heat resistant replacement for the standard nylon laces common in most boots.

Load strength of up to 750lb. Can be used as a friction line, emergency cordage or a method of restraint.

E-kit accessories are heat sealed against the laces but can be adjusted by sliding them up an down the line. Widest point of the E-kit laces can be 5-7mm depending on adjustment of the accessories.

Two options are available;

Barriall Laces – A pair of Barriall laces only

Barriall Laces E-Kit – A pair of Barrial laces with a pre-fitted Mk2 Baby Key, Stainless Cuff Shim and a Tungsten Breaker Bead. (Key and shim on one lace, Bead on the other). Deployment of the breaker bead requires removal of the lace.

Boots for demonstration purposes only.


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