Baby Key Mk2

From: £8.50

Made for British TCH, Russian BRS-3’s and cuffs with similar keyways.

Split key flag for cuffs with a security bar.

Dark grey anodised aluminium with a textured finish.

Top end slot allows greater variety of items to be used as leverage (cuff shims, bobby pins, etc)

Designed with failure in mind. Top end of the keyway is made to break before the lower, ensuring easy extraction and preventing further blocking of the keyway. (A key should not be difficult to turn)

17mm long and 5mm at its widest point.

Consider adding a bobby pin or cuff shim to aid with leverage and concealment.

1x £8.50, 2x £16, 3x £24

(Coin not included)

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1x (£8.50), 2x (£16), 3x (£24)

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